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Problems and solutions of thin film cutting machine
Author:admin Date:2016-06-16
Problems and solutions of thin film cutting machine
In the use of thin-film Slitter, often encounter a variety of problems. For example: the main motor does not turn, automatic rectifying power supply indicator does not light indicator light does not shine, no automatic correction, manual automatically without any reaction, slitting and rewinding is uneven, and ear material fan does not turn, put material coils up trend, meter inaccurate count and so on. These are the problems encountered in the operation process of the thin film cutting machine. 5A, film slitting machine to solve method to reset the emergency stop button is connected to three-phase power supply, check the main loop is connected firmly loose contact, repair or replacement of variable-frequency startup button switch, the replacement of 1A insurance core, the replacement of the insurance core, cf. automatic correction instructions for use, the replacement of meet the requirements in diameter of paper core, in the rolling process of rolling pressure and adjusting the unwinding tension, if the requirements of the high quality of cutting, bisection cut material itself is corresponding to high, the meter counting wheel contact at the same time feeding rollers, the meter wheel on a marker hand 5 ring is numbered 1 m or replacement meter.

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